Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Style | Spring Fling: Are YOU Ready?!

Who is ready for Spring? C'mon March 20th...first day of Spring per the almanac.            
(yes, I referenced an almanac #nerdlife) 

I found a new blog today that I like!!

She did a post back in February creating a Spring Look Book just from what she currently owned. I must say, I loved all of the looks she created. Her post really inspired me and I'd like to do something similar. Now, I am not a fatshionista but I try from time to time. I must admit, I've scanned my closet and it was upside down smiles all around!

Here's a link to her Spring Look Book post:
EDUCATED GLAMOUR GIRL: Work with what you got- Spring Look Book

But don't fret, all hope is not lost for me! I did find a few pieces that remind me here you go. One this you'll notice is that my feet aren't pictured. Someone *me* is in desperate need of a shoe haul, but alas life has other plans for my moolah!

Here are the pics!

"Floral Flow

 Outfit Included: 
Dress - JC Penney 
Clutch - JC Penney
Pendant - Target
Bangles - Avenue 
Lip Color - Revlon Pearl 657 - Fuchsia 
All items purchased over a year ago!!!!!

"Vibrant Thing"

Sorry for photo quality. My apartment is sooo dark! The close up of the belt (to the right) shows the true pigment of this Springy outfit!
 Outfit Included: 
Shrug - Avenue 
Skirt - Target
Belt - Target
Lip Color - Revlon Pearl 657 - Fuchsia 
All items purchased over a year ago!!!!!

What fashion statements do you own or plan on 
having to prepare for Spring 2013? 

Talk to you later Lovelies!!! 

~ Shan, Naturally Random

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