"We Are Young" SOTD

Hey y'all (yes more than one equals y'all in southern)

Not sure how often I'll do SOTD but I generally listen to music everyday so...we'll just see. To piggy back off of yesterday's post...I wanted to here more of Ms. Janelle Monรกe. She's done a lot of features I wasn't aware of. Now, I didn't realize until the Grammy's that she featured on the song "We Are Young" by FUN. I was so confused, like where is her voice but its during the bridge of the song. But what did I find today?! I bonus track on FUN. "Some Nights" album featuring more of Ms. Janelle. Want to take a listen?

It is way more mellow than the version you hear on the radio. As Porky Pig would say, "That's All Folks!" 

Talk to you later Lovelies!!! 

~ Shan, Naturally Random


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