Spring 2 Summer

Well Spring has finally arrived! It took its sweet little time here in NC for the flowers to finally bloom and the cold temperatures to go away. From the sea of pollen that seems to cover every itch of the Earth, I'm pretty sure ultimately Spring is here to stay. I couldn't be more pleased!!

Remember this post titled: Spring 2 Summer In it I talked about being more overall comfortable. Well, just wanted to guys you all 6 readers (._. )  an update. I'm definitely on track to being more comfortable.

One mini goal for me was to lose 18 lbs from January 15 - April 15 (90 days)...shouldn't be hard right? Well PCOS said otherwise! I did lose 13.4 lbs since my last doctor visit. So although I fell I few pounds short, I'm still grateful for the progress I've made thus far.

Now let me tell you all what happened today. My heavier gals can relate, I had a small hole in the inner thigh of one of my go-to pairs of jeans (although they are now too big, I kept wearing them) Anyway, I knew I'd eventually have to patch that hole but just kept procrastinating. Well today, it finally happened...OHMEEGAHH!! A small hole turned into a large "skin-exposing" rip from seam to seam. I'm so glad I was finished with my errands when it finally happened.

So you know what that means?  I get to buy clothes! Yay!!!!

I've held off on purchasing any new clothes because I want to:
1) Save money 2) Lose enough weight that my clothes are literally falling off.

If this "donk" still holds up my jeans w/ a belt...I'll be wearing baggy jeans. No need to get a new wardrobe every 3 months as you are losing weight, especially if you are no where near your goal weight. I've been window shopping though and I think I've found a few wish list affordable jeans.

So as the next 3 months go by, we'll be into summer! Let's see what I can do. My goal is the same 18 lbs by July 15. I'm still working on increasing my resistance training whomp whomp I'm so weak! Lol

The other part of the challenge is to wear things I wouldn't normally wear. Well hence the above story, I haven't made any new purchases but there is still time. As long as I get some "Spring 2 Summer" posts done between now and June 21 (1st day of Summer) then we're good.

Do you want to follow along? What are some things that you currently would skip over in the store due to your size? 

Give me some feedback fashionistas! 

Talk to you later Lovelies!!! 

~ Shan, Naturally Random


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