A Piece of My Childhood

I just found out a piece of my childhood passed away today at the young age of 34. Christopher Kelly (one half of the young rap duo "Kris Kross" passed).

I found out via my twitter timeline once off work today. Although, I didn't know the man and I honestly didn't follow his career after about 1996, if you could see me you'd say I was a bit downcast. After the time of Kris Kross' height of success, their fashion trends seemed to be more notable than their music. I was definitely was a fan of both though!

You can define the last decade of the 1900's as my childhood. So many memories, so much music! So So Def was something new and in my area, we loved all their artists. To see people so young performing was great. I'd like to think I felt the same about young acts (like Kris Kross, Immature, A.nother B.ad C.reation, Tevin Campbell, Soul 4 Real and the list goes) as my mom and aunts felt about the Jackson 5.

Although I will not be rocking my pants backwards today in memoriam of Christopher Kelly...I will remember the overalls with only one strap buckled that I attempted to wear to school backwards and was quickly shut down by the parental party! I will remember the impromptu performances some neighborhood kids and myself put on (on my porch) where we challenged each other to perform ONLY Kris Kross songs and had an Apollo styled judging. See, we were way ahead of American Idol's singular genre/artist competition nights. LOL! I rapped my "Miggedy Miggedy Miggedy Mac Daddy" so hard that day, you couldn't tell me nothing!

Thanks for the memories Mac Daddy!

Talk to you later Lovelies!!! 

~ Shan, Naturally Random


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