Tank Top Challenge!!

Hello all! 

I want to welcome you to a new phase of fitness for me. I've discussed this here before and from Spring to Summer of this year. Summer has come and I didn't truly dedicate to improving my upper body strength. Well, this time, I've asked a special group of dear friends to help me along this time. 

Here is what we will be doing:
JULY 1, 2013 
The Hundred Pushup Challenge

(you can learn about it here) 

I will also be incorporating planks into this challenge. 

I plan to plank for 30 seconds intervals between pushup sets. Progressing 30 seconds as the weeks increase. Week 2 - 60 seconds, Week 3 - 90 seconds, etc. 


Week 1 - Day 1  

Set 1 - 6 push-ups & 30 Second Plank 

Set 2 - 6 push-ups & 30 Second Plank

Set 3 - 4 push-ups & 30 Second Plank

Set 4 - 4 push-ups & 30 Second Plank
Set 5 - as many as possible with correct form (at least 5) push-ups 

I want to alternate push-up variations to have some diversity in my routine. We'll see how I progress from half "lady" pushups to standard "straight line" to (hopefully) diamond!! Wish me luck!!

I know that this doesn't mean I'll develop Angela Bassett arms (*green eyes)
overnight but I would like to carry 5 bags of groceries (cause I don't want to go back to the car again) a little easier, make lugging library books at my part time job easier, and finally win a play fight with my hubby! (I know y'all play fight, don't judge us!) 

If you plan to participate: 
1. Follow me on blogspot so we can encourage each other
2. Comment on blog 
3. Share via twitter #tanktopchallenge 

Talk to you later Lovelies!!! 

~ Shan, Naturally Random 


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