Kitchen Mixes - If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!!

Hello hello hello,hey Lovelies!! 

A friend of mine recently asked for something no one has ever asked for before shea butter mix. The Mommy is natural (loc'd) and raising the most adorable little naturalista baby girl.  If y'all didn't know, Shan love the kids! I really do. 

So of course, I obliged and provided her with a fresh batch of my whipped shea butter mix for the little one. I'll tell my natural story here but I've never really been a product junkie. I'll recap my hair story do at a later date. But anyway, I will say that I've been natural about 6 years. I figured out early on via YouTube how to make my own whipped shea butter. My hair loves it, my feet, elbows, knees & hands do too! It's really simple to make. 

Here's a picture of the steps it takes to make it.
It is creamy and leaves hair soft with a little shine. Also, a little goes along way! Y'all know I'm frugal! Lol 
As I said, I've made this for years and its working for me. I've done a few different recipes depending on my mood and what products I have on hand but since this was for a baby, I slimmed the ingredients down to only three! Nothing but the best for the babies. Lol!! 

Any questions, let me know in a comment below! 

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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