Friday, August 30, 2013

Beauty | Confession: I'm Addicted to Lipstick

Hello Lovelies! 

During August I've acquired quite a few of my favorite things...
Lipsticks, Lip Glosses and Lip Liners! I'm all about having a pretty pout! #Random An associate in Ulta today was comparing my lips to Angelina Jolie. I don't see it but thanks for the compliment anyway! 

Do you want to see what I picked up!? 

First Up, 

Medusa has me so ready for fall!! 

Absolutely love that Hebe is such a warm color! 


 Wasn't so sure how I felt about the color but I actually like it! 


Not exactly matte but it'll do! I love a bold red lip! 

Lastly, I entered and won a contest sponsored by Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician 
Phantastic Faces (find out more about her @Nikkinicole28 via instagram) and earlier in the month received my first MAC products. I've told you all before, I'm a drugstore brand girl when it comes to cosmetics, so I was quite excited to find out I was the winner!! 

Here is what I won! 

I wasn't expecting anything but the prize listed: A MAC Lipstick and MAC DazzleGlass but she sent me a personally written note (which I love personal touches), a super cute pair of earrings and a bonus Milani lipstick. *SCORE!* 


MAC Lipstick

MAC DazzleGlass
 My lipgloss is poppin'!!

Welp, that's all folks! 
Next haul will feature more fall colors, I can't wait!! 
Do you have a lipstick addiction, 
share a few of your favorite lip colors?! 

Talk to you later, Pouty Smoochies Lovelies! 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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  2. I want to purchase that red liner feom Elf but cant see the name from the pic, can u write it for me. Thanks soror.

    1. Hey soror! No prob. I found the Matte Red Lipstick at Target (whispers, it was like $3!!). Its called Rich Red (style #82466) Or pick it up here:
      ELF Cosmetics

  3. Hi Shan! I'm your newest follower. Please visit me at

  4. That Medusa is pretty. I'm TERRIFIED of lipstick. I think my lips are too big o_O Oh yea, lip liner outdated?? I'm a tomboy and Idk what stuff to use.

    1. LOL! I think I was gifted a lipstick a few years ago and said had this "a-ha" moment. I felt like, "oh, I feel like a grown lady" and I made the switch.

  5. In love with your blog!!! New follower! I also love lipsticks. I find myself leaning towards deeper colors or the complete opposite with pinks. Thanks for visiting my blog. Can't wait to read more!


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