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Hello Lovelies! 

In our August feature, we bring you a glimpse into the life a young lady I've dubbed "Fashionably Fierce". I first meet her at our workplace and have been smitten with her style selections ever since. Let's meet our newest feature! 

Shan: Introduce yourself! Quick bio, please include where you can be found online (i.e. twitter name, instagram or website)
Britt: Hello everyone my name is Brittney Renee Cobb and I am a 25 year old future wolf packer! In August, I’m getting my Masters in Social Work at NC State and I am too excited!! I love hanging out with my family and close friends. I read, write, do my own nails…I just try to be creative when I can. I also have a beautiful God daughter named Allayah Renee Bryson who I love to life! 

S: Describe your personal style?
B: My personal style is cute and girly mixed with a little tomboy. I love high heels and wedges and I also love my tennis shoes too.

S: What words (if any) do you identify with? Classic? Eccentric? Trendy?
B: My style identifies with classic, vintage and chic. I’m simple most of the time but I love for my shoes and my earrings to be the “it” factor.

S: Shop and Tell? Where are your top go-to stores/websites, where you know you can’t leave empty-handed? 
B: I have started doing lots of shopping online recently and some of my favorite stores are Tinkas Closet I LOVE their dresses. I recently got some cute plus size high waist bathing suits from has awesome earrings and I also browse a lot of shoes websites such as and

S: Name one thing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?
B: I would NEVER be caught dead wearing kitten heels. If the heel isn’t high it’s not meant to be worn.

S: What is your favorite accessory and why?
B: My favorite accessory is my earrings. No matter what I have on no and matter how my   hair is my earrings have to be big and they have to stand out. The bigger the earrings the better!

S: Name a "Random" fact about you?
B: I have many random facts but I guess the most random thing about me is that my birthday is the exact same day that Orville and Wright flew the first airplanes. (December 17th)  SO I guess you can say I’m special. 

Did you enjoy getting to know Ms. Britt?! 

Look out for more features! 
Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


  1. I'll be checking out the earring site :)

    1. LOL! I immediately went to check it out. Did you see anything you liked? Ms. Britt's style is helping me get back into larger earrings.


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