Nicki Minaj Kmart Collection

Well well well lovelies, what did I find out today?

     Nicki Minaj has decided to offer an affordable clothing line at Kmart. Let's be honest, I would never have guessed a young "Rapper Extraordinaire" and Blue Light Specials would come together for any project of any sort!

     Nicki (I can call you Nicki right?) posted three pictures via Instagram displaying some items from the collection. This curvy girls eyes immediately were drawn to the body conscious panel dress. The very elaborate detail in the panel's design reminds me of a french baroque pattern. Who doesn't love being reminded of France, right?! If you didn't know, the blue giving me life right now as well! 

    The second item I'd like to share is a two piece crop top and leggings duo. The cosmic print guessed it...out of this world. 

     Now, here's another #honestymoment I think I have enough gumption to actually wear this ensemble out in public anyway. Again, color choice gets an immediate nod from me! 

So, what do you think of Nicki Minaj's Kmart collection? Let's discuss! 

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


  1. Hmmmm I'd need to see more, but its nice she made it affordable

    1. Yeah, I agree. The colors caught my eye. I'd have to actually feel the fabric prior to the purchase of anything. I thought it was the oddest pairing (Minaj & Kmart) but Kmart owns Sears so we shall see where this goes.

  2. I know why you like the color combo. I thought the same thing when I saw it. I was trying to figure out how a "true beauty" could split this up and wear in a non ratchet fashion.

    1. LOL non-ratchet YES! All summer I've noticed a lot of people wearing crop tops and maxi skirts. Maybe a solid color maxi would work.

  3. Onika and Kmart? ¡Interestante! I wonder what else is in the collection.


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