WLW Series: Are You a Diamond?

Women Living Whole: "Diamond" Web Series 

I love to call women diamonds but what I had to realize is that not every woman can be called a diamond. Being a diamond is much more than being an exquisite jewel that is set is a jeweler’s window to be admired. 
A diamond is formed by going through a process. Once the jewel goes through the process then it is set up to be displayed for other’s to see. 

The diamond is one of the most sought after jewels because of its rarity, beauty and durability. A diamond can withstand intense pressure and intense heat. The only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond.
We are first born as girls. Our mothers go through labor to bring forth this baby girl. The baby girl grows and develops but her mother cannot guarantee that she will grow to become a woman or that she will grow to become a lady. The same with a diamond it is formed in the earth’s crust but unless it can withstand the process of development, is then discovered and formed it will never be the diamond put on display in the jeweler’s window.

Each woman has the capability of being a lady because everything she needs has already been put within her. What will determine her fate is her ability to go through her process of development, her patience to be discovered and then formed. Each woman has the makeup of a diamond. In the earth’s crust where diamonds are formed there are other raw materials as well; that never develop into a diamond, why, because it could not stand the intense pressure or the intense heat. In our development process to become the woman that we are meant to be we tend to abort the process before it can be completed. We do not want to suffer any hardships or adversities. As soon as something hard comes some women tend to run avoiding the lesson. Each lesson we avoid we minimize our growth which in turns minimizes our durability.

I want to encourage each reader that if you are in a process, keep going. Yes, life can get tough but guess what, you were made to endure. You are a fighter and you can’t give up. Just remember you are more than a conqueror. You are strong and cannot be defeated. Hold your head high my sister and walk as the queen that you are. The rain comes to make you strong. Just like the plant that needs the sun and rain to grow is just like our lives we need them both. Do not despise your rain because once you survive the rain you can dance in the sun! Be Blessed!

About the Author
Jeanine Williams is the founder “Women Living Whole”, a non-profit organization based in St. Louis, MO. The organization is grounded in its mission, “Moving forward day by day and step by step to help women live whole mind, body, and soul. “Aiding women to live healthy lives mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually through group meetings, weekly newsletter, workshops, and seminars.  

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