Lessons for Pumpkin (Series)

Lessons for Pumpkin

If you are new to following the blog, I affectionately refer to my daughter Skylar as"Pumpkin". When I found out she was a girl, I immediately began to think about the fact that I'll be her first teacher. What shall I teach her? How will I teach her?

God has thoroughly blessed the Fife family and Pumpkin's addition is proof of His favor. Something I often think about when writing for "Ms. Naturally Random" is staying true to why I do this. Although I discuss hair and beauty topics here, I'd like to be clear. My intention isn't to just hear "oh, isn't she pretty!". Vanity and gratuitous praise are slippery slopes. Just as many other women, I like clothes, I like cosmetics but they do not run my life.

I began to think about my own mother. A very large part of my childhood was spent observing her. You'll be surprised at what you can learn when you learn the value of silence. I've learned much from her just by observation. I learned the importance of helping others. I learned that you fix things that are broken rather than throw them away. I learned that when confronting something unjust or incorrect you don't need to be loud but you do need to firm. I learned that being "lady-like" comes in a lot of forms and each has an appropriate purpose and time. I've watched my mother's hands wipe tears and butts, cook meals and scrub tubs. I watched her care growing children as well as ailing elders. God's influence in a woman's life will show her family how good it is to live for the Lord. There is one thing that stands out more than others, she taught me how to selflessly love. I intend to teach Pumpkin all these things and much more.
My Mother and I circa 1984 
I will continue write to my lessons to my little Pumpkin. Have you ever thought about a piece of advice you would like to pass along to a little one or younger generation?

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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