Beauty | 30X30 Update: Lip Stick Challenge

I've always looked at lipstick as the ultimate "grown woman" piece of cosmetics. When I starting dabbling in makeup I gravitated towards lip gloss. You remember the kind that was oil based with the roller ball applicator!

I figured..."oh, lipstick is grown ladies..." And don't mention RED lipstick...that was definitely for GROWN those kind of WOMEN ONLY! Y'all know what I'm trying to say...

Well I'm all grown up now and currently going through a cosmetics purge (on of the things on my 30X30 list).

Since I've worn lipsticks for years now, I've collected quite a few. So, I've decided to wear lipstick everyday until my birthday. If I like the color, its stays...if its a no-go...well its goes! I love makeup but have never purchased it just to hoard it. It is to be worn and that's what I plan to do.

I'll post a Lippie of the day everyday until August 21st (my 30th bday)!!
Follow along on my instagram: @msnaturallyrandom
Would you like to join in? Just use hashtag #30X30Lippie so I can find your fabulous lippie looks! This will be fun!

Did you ever feel you were too young to wear lipstick? At what age did it become ok?

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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