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There are times that we give so much, that we forget about ourselves. Recently, I  came across a quote that reminded me a very important decision I made about two years ago. While, trusting in God, the result of that decision has had quite positive and fruitful impacts on my life.

We often may feel that "self-care" is a dirty word. That if we think about ourselves it will come across as selfish. If you take time to do something you want to do that it can be slothful or overly indulgent. You have to make choices in a way that comes from love. Make sure compassion is the utmost mission. Stray away from making decisions out of obligation and never from a compulsion of guilt. The key here is balance! 

We all must led purposeful lives and in my opinion that is God's intention for us. How will you find your purpose if you are always feeding others dreams and ideas? How will you ever work mightily for the Lord if you are constantly working mightily fulfilling someone else's wants and needs. 

Think of it this way, you have to take time to renew your energy and gain back your strength and that is TOTALLY OKAY! Never try to convince yourself it is not. This happened to me recently...have you ever found that your vacuum's suction power isn't as great as it used to be? While I'm looking at the brushes and bristles on the outside, it never dawned on me to look in the inside. The vacuum had lost it power because the bag was full and needed to be replaced. 

How often do we treat ourselves in this way?   
As long as you can function, you keep going. As long as you "look okay" on the outside you never take time to focus on the insides. Let's start a new today. Take (if not but) five minutes to do a quick assessment of yourself. Is there a need for a vacation? Would a peaceful long bath do you some good? Have you done anything to strengthen your mind and sharpen your focus lately? You have not been your "mighty" self because you've lacked to take care of the precious gift God has given you. If you want to be as effective as possible, you must take time to rejuvenate yourself. 

Areas where self-care is needed:
Physical - eating healthier or getting more physical exercise
Mental - removing yourself from toxic situations, seeking out professional help from a therapist or counselor. 
Spiritual - spending time in prayer, digging into your Word more or speaking with your spiritual leader for some direction. 

Have you ever done something great for yourself, like go for a run or spent some time in worship then afterward thought, "well that was absolutely a horrible waste of my time, I'm never doing this again!"

It just doesn't happen! 
Take the thought of self-care being something bad or selfish completely out of your mind. Remember, that you have purpose, so live your life purpose-led. 

Until next time! 

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 

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  1. This is soooo true! A different way of putting something that I have been struggling with. In the struggle to balance it all, I find myself neglecting those things that at my core make me feel like me. I put it on my list of goals for this week to take a bath (for last week too but i failed). I use to take the time to relax with a bath weekly. Candles, dim lights and at least 30 minutes to soak and relax. If you paid me I cant tell you the last time I have done that. I am going to take this one to heart and try to make a better effort at "self care". Thanks for linking up beautiful! Hope to see you next week ;)

  2. I may have two little people and a husband to care for, but I do take a little time for myself...if permitted. I have an alarm that goes off to tell me it's time for an at home mani and pedi. I have an alarm to remind myself that it's facial day. All of these great alarms remind me to take care of me. I usually do these things during nap time (if my little person takes one that day). I know that after the new baby gets here, it'll be harder than ever to find me time, but I'm more than capable of putting the kid in her crib, popping in a dvd for the other two, and taking a shower. My other option is bed time.

  3. I noticed the goal setting link up you were apart. I am such a habitual list writer! I get such satisfaction crosses things off but I should get more serious about completing my goals. Some items I keep carrying from week to week. Small but necessary none the less. I'll look more into contributing a post as well.

  4. What a good idea! A facial or mani alarm. I mean those things are done on a schedule! Lol I'm not to DVD age yet but is it wrong I'm kinda looking forward to it? Just think *goes off to dream sequence* Sixty minutes of glorious songs and animation and a mama enjoying a panini in a mud mask....oh what a day that will be lol.


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