Textured Beauty Tuesday: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Here at Ms. Naturally Random, I'm always out and about seeing fabulous ladies with textured tresses. I choose to wear my hair naturally as well, I love the diversity in which we style our hair. 

So today instead of a new featured beauty, I'm going to share some changes I've gone through recently. If you follow me on instagram (which you should :) btw) you probably noticed the picture above posted earlier this month. 

I've been contemplating cutting my hair for years now. Most people don't take that long to make a decision about their hair. For me, I'm not necessarily attached to long hair. It had just become so easy to put some jumbo-sized twists in my hair and pull them into a ponytail or bun and go! Though, with each year, my hair became longer and longer and for me (FOR ME I SAID) harder to manage. Newbie naturals would "ooh and ahh" over it and I would always (in a joking but not joking voice) say "Thank you, now, would like to volunteer to do it?" As in, I would love for someone else to do my hair! 

Having a little one sure can make your indecisive go away real quick. After struggling to wash all of this mane several times over the first few months of motherhood, 
I finally decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

I scheduled an appointment with @ReneeRexine, she's a salon owner and traveling hairstylist! 
Let me tell you I was absolutely giddy with excitement. I have made any drastic changes to my hair since "going natural" in the first place, back in 2007! 

Leading up to this haircut, whenever I would share my decision to cut it, I'd be met with most exclaiming, "WHY?!" or "WTH?!" or "Don't do it!!".
The reason I did it was for me and to experience all of the versatility of natural hair has to offer! 
Side Note: Over at Ok Dani, she is thinking about cutting her hair...I guess it's a blogger thing, lol! 

Now, I knew people didn't mean anything by it but it often would make me wonder what does that say, if anything about how they feel about their own hair? 

So, that got me to thinking! I also wanted to discuss an occurrence in the natural hair community that happens, well, daily actually. It is the constant exalting of long hair. If you follow any natural hair "guru" via their websites, blogs, vlogs, instagrams et cetera, you'll find dozens of comments like: 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having hair length goals or seeing someone that inspires you to grow your hair longer. What I take issue with are all of the self-deprecating comments that seem to always follow a compliment to a long-haired natural person. 
Let's all agree to cut that out! 

So I'll leave you with this...an independent study of sorts.
Go to any mirror available to you, right now! 
First, take a long look at your hair. 

Second, say "its my hair I can do what I want!"
Get all sassy-like with it! 

Third, say "its part of me and I love it because ultimately, I love me!" 
We all have "bad" hair days but learn to love what you have, your length, your texture, yourself! 

Its really so important! 
No matter, where you are, love it through every stage, don't wait...start today.

We love it all here at Ms. Naturally Random! 

Now, its your turn! 
Email me at: msnaturallyrandom@gmail.com

Til next time, Talk to you later lovelies! 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


  1. Yes Hunny! I love your attitude - do what makes sense for you. And I wish more women with natural hair would do your Mirror study. We would be a much more confident community. Thanks.

  2. Love it! And I'm belly aching about my hair (I stay cutting it) because I actually let it grow for a full year. I don't know how folks do it with her to their butts! But I say you do you and rock it the way that makes you happy. I would love for everyone to stop obsessing over growing long hair but that will never happen...lol

  3. Yeah...it will never happen. And I get it...some people could never obtain the length while relaxed and assumed that was generally true. I've actually heard/read people say, "its hard for black folks to grow long hair!" I'm like, what cave are you people living in? I guess I feel that way because I've always wore my hair long, relaxed and natural. Thanks for reading!


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