Motherhood | 5 Things I'm Grateful for Today

Gratitude Affects Attitude: Motherhood

Imagine're trying to leave the house. You've actually made it to the door.
Keys þ
Kid latched in car seat þ
Diaper bag þ, IDs þ, snacks þ
Just then, kiddo gives you one more surprise...Poop!

There are tough days but they aren't everyday and they’re just how you earn your stripes of motherhood. It’s okay!
I wanted to share with you five things I can say I’m grateful for today…its keep every surprise poop-y diaper, spilled food or fallout tantrum worth it!

#1 Seeing your child light up at the sight of you.

#2 Naps together. Does this even need an explanation. I know co-sleeping is a big no-no from all the nurses in the maternity ward but baby snuggles just are the best. Whiffs of Dreft and milk combine to make this irresistible baby smell that all moms thinks is the best smell ever. If only they could smell that way forever?!

#3 Singing together. Although she can't speak clearly yet...she understands when I'm singing to her. As she has grown, at times she makes sounds along with me. Seeing her begin to react to music is so beautiful to watch. Getting to see her bop her head or sway her body always makes me happy. Music has been such a huge part of my life. I can't wait to explore more sounds, rhythms and melodies together.

#4 The sounds of her giggles, they are totally infectious. We've discovered that she actually has a few different distinct laughs. Sometimes she giggles and sometimes she squeals but the one that gets us every time sounds quite reminiscent of Eddie Murphy. (now you're thinking about Eddie Murphy's laugh, you're welcome)

#5 Every single healthy well check up. You carry this new little being inside of you and can just hope you doing everything right.

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel - Author Unknown

Feel free to share some instances where you've been grateful! I bet it will give you new perspective on your bad day! 

Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


  1. I've read the statement or blessing on number #5, are You trying tell the family there is another little one on the way. If so GOD BLESS YOU ! MUCH LOVE , GRANDPA "G".......

  2. Hey Shan! I really enjoyed reading your list. Taking naps together was probably my favorite thing to do with my little one, especially when he was smaller. Now he doesn't care if he gets to nap with me or not lol. I say, we should definitely enjoy all of these special moments while they are young. I hope you're having a beautiful week!

    PS-I think I'm missing the smell of Dreft lol

  3. Holding my little lady now and reflecting...

  4. Holding my little lady now and reflecting...


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