Motherhood | Feeding a Toddler When You’re Short on Time (Part 1 - Breakfast)

When planning for Pumpkin's meals (especially on days I work and she's with the nanny) I make sure to always follow these three golden rules:

1. Easy to Prepare 
2. Agreeable with Pumpkin's Palate (for the week, sigh) 
3. Easy to Re-heat

Feeding toddlers can be messy, crying and stressful. If I stick to the above rules, I'm pretty much ensured a totally stress-free feeding session. 

I exclaimed recently on an IG post that I am NOT a morning person...mornings are always stumbling grumbling disoriented mess to out of the door. So I want to make sure she gets feed easily. Pumpkin always gets a warm breakfast...we'll save cold cereal for when she's old enough to get up and make her own bowl. 

Lately she is served one of two options, either Oatmeal or Pancake Muffins! 
She loves both. For the oatmeal, I use Millville Quick Cook Oats (from Aldi). She gets a 1/4 cup of oats, enough water to cover oats and pop in microwave for 30 seconds (depending on the wattage of your microwave, you can go for a full minute). Differs from day to day but toppings/add-ins are normally applesauce or yogurt or diced up fruit. She loves it. It's been a great meal to practice spoon-feeding too! 
Here is a quick tutorial on the pancake muffins 

1.  Preheat oven to 350. (I use 350 for so many things, just making it up as I go along) 
2. Mist your muffin tins with cooking spray or brush on a light coating of cooking oil. (I used cupcake liners this time) 
3. Prepare pancake mix according to the directions on the box.
4. Fill your muffin tins with a scoop of the pancake batter.
5. Add fruit to each (uncooked) muffin.
NOTE: Its best to add fruit at this point because if you add it the batter before pouring, fruit will clump together in batter.
6. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Allow them to cool before serving.

This recipe is a great option to make them ahead of time and freeze. They are just as tasty when warmed up again! Have fun with this, choose whatever add-ins your kid likes! 

You're probably wondering, "Where is the PROTEIN?"
These meal options are normally accompanied with a Nuby cup of whole milk and one of the following side items: Diced nectarines, peaches, strawberries, or halved grapes. Also a bit of my yogurt or a sip of my smoothie...because I can't remember when is the last time I ate one bit of food alone. #CrumbSnatcher 
(sides for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are always alternating, no matter the meal)

Now that we’ve finished talking about a few breakfast options for toddlers, come back tomorrow, when I'll share with you new ideas for feeding a toddler for lunch + snacks!

What are you feeding your little one for breakfast lately? Comment below!

Talk to you later lovelies,

~ Shan, Ms. Naturally Random

~Stay Tuned For Lunch~


Disclaimer: All ideas expressed here were by me, Shanna Fife, unless otherwise noted. All products mentioned here were purchased by me for the sole purpose of personal use. 

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