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If you were in my house today, you would disappointingly find an empty pizza box still on the kitchen counter left over from the night before. On a quest for food, you’d think to yourself, “I know, I’ll grab something from the fridge!” Unbeknownst to you, you’re about to conquer a massive field of Tupperware bowls and lids all scattered about the kitchen floor. Oh and let’s not forget to mention your socks would be wet with milk that was very intently dripped into a playful puddle from a toddler’s Nuby cup. This is what happens when you leave a one year old unattended for the amount of time it took you to use the bathroom. Oh, and let’s talk about the bathroom visit. For once, you were so excited for that moment of privacy! The kid didn’t follow you into the bathroom……this time. The kid probably felt you deserved those two minutes of alone time because they left you are surprise in there! The entire roll of toilet paper has been unrolled and is puddled on the floor!

This is my home more days than not. I think due to social media, we are often on an unrealistic quest for perfection. In our homes, our finances, our relationships and even in our children. We have to be careful to not let the quest for the perfect “filter” become our reality. Sometimes you’re a mess and it’s totally okay. Sometimes your kids are a mess and its totally okay too! Will I be posting a picture of it on Instagram? Probably no, unless it's funny! You just have to remember, don’t be so busy documenting your life, that you actually forget to enjoy it.

The house I described above is plenty of people’s houses daily. Although my pictures and posts talk about the positive times, there are frustrating moments. There are days you wish there were more hours in the day to do more than you actually could.

This post is dedicated to: 
My wrinkled clean clothes in overflowing laundry baskets Mamas! 
My messy buns wearing extraordinaire Mamas! 
My "yes that's a bleach stain" on my pajama strutting Mamas! 

Do your thing girl, perfection isn’t the goal. Even if you didn’t fill in your brows today or wipe down the high chair immediately after lunch (now it's crusty food on it by the way EW!)…this one’s for you! I am you and you are me.

Through it all, it's that sweet little face that gets you every time. Whether it’s the snuggles right before nap time or the giggles during peek-a-boo. Oh the adulation you feel for every new thing that they discover and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. So the milk drenched socks and stepping on a sharp-cornered toys everyday is totally worth it.

What was it like in your house today? Any crusty high chairs out there? 
*oh just me? slowly puts hand down, lol* 

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 

~Stay Tuned~

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