The Marriage Files | Where to Eat and Drink in Raleigh-Durham Area

I'd like to collect at least 10 new places to visit in the Raleigh-Durham area in the coming months! Specifically, I'm looking for places to get great eats and tasty drinks. The suggestions can range from family-friendly to late night dives, from american to multi-ethnic cuisines, doesn't matter! We're open! Hubby and I just would like to expand the places we currently go. 

On a recent date night, we went out, unprepared with no destination nor appetite for anything specific. We ended up circling a few blocks where tons of restaurants are in downtown Raleigh, NC. We stopped numerous times to search website for menus and read reviews. We also searched Instagram #hashtags looking for drool-inspiring photos! I'd love to just walk into a #Random place and give it a chance but that's not me. I'm somewhat of a foodie but still pretty frugal. If there is nothing else I can't is feeling like you wasted money on food! I always end up having the thought, "I shoulda' just went to the place we always go!

So, can y'all help us out! We trying to have more #DateYourSpouse moments. We're three years into this marriage and both work A LOT! Date nights are pretty special for us and well...we kinda' like to eat! LOL! 

Drop a comment below! 

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Talk to you later lovelies, 

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random 


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