Motherhood | How to Make a Budget-Conscious Easter Basket

Want to know how I created this super cute basket with items from Dollar Tree?
Don't you just love a deal? I'm frugal person at heart. If there is a dime to be saved I'm going to try to save it. My husband recently sent me a text to ask if I'd planned on making an Easter basket for a little one. She is still pretty young. Actually quite too young to even comprehend the crucifixion story and the debt Jesus paid for us. As she grows, we'll share with her the real meaning behind the holiday in a way she can understand. For now, it's just another opportunity to dote on our child. I say all of this to say, there will be colorful eggs!

First up, the bucket. I immediately saved money because I used this recycled bucket, instead of purchasing a basket. I believe it came from the “Dollar Spot” in Target last year. Don't get me to lying though, all this Easter basket stuff was originally my doing.

I pre-filled the bucket with scraps of old printing paper. This will prop up items in bucket.

Then covered scrap paper with “Easter Grass”, you know the crinkle cut shredded paper that appears in stores magically every Easter season.

Next, I assembled the ($5 worth) various items (all purchased from Dollar Tree) into the bucket.

So what's all in there?
  • Doc McStuffins stickers
  • Flower Hair Pins
  • Homemade Popsicle Molds
  • 6 Decorative Eggs, filled with Jellybeans and Goldfish crackers
  • Small Stuffed Bunny


My little will be two soon and I think all the items satisfied her just fine. Don't over think nor overspend  while creating your next Easter basket. Remember, these are just little gifts for children to remind them that you're thinking about them and that they are loved. Always check out Dollar Tree first when you're in a pinch to create something cute, quick and affordable!

That's about it loves, the Tomb is still Empty and Jesus Lives!

I was inspired to visit Dollar Tree by @creatively_coiled, she recently mentioned the store on her blog and I knew this would be just the place to get the items I needed.

If you are looking for more Spring Inspiration, check out my Pinterest board of the same title!

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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