Food | 3 Fruity Cocktails to Cool Down Your Summer Party

Summer is in full swing, and in North Carolina, that means brutal heat during mid-July too. Now, y'all know we have ways of dealing with this three digit heatwave... 

I've come up with a solution that doesn't require daily shampoos to remove chlorine nor saltwater. Also, it doesn't require running your light bill up because the a/c is set of arctic blast. You know what you're grandma used to say, "you gon' run my light bill up!" 😂😂😂 

Well, I have THREE super refreshing fruity cocktails to cool down your next summer party. I like to enjoy beverages with a group a fly aunties nearby but you're totally welcome to sip solo if needed. Whatever helps us all survive this heat! 

Here are my best (and easy) Summer cocktail recipes. You'll be adding them to your list of favorites soon.

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What is your favorite Summer cocktail? 
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Til Next Time Fab Foodies,


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