Motherhood | 10 Last Minute Party Photo Props

Are you currently parked in front of a screen scouring Pinterest looking for those last minute touches to make your holiday party perfect? It's that time of year again. Time to gather up your loved ones to capture some dinner party memories. I'm not talking about the pre-planned photos that go out on your holiday cards.

I'm talking about those photos you take after your cousins have finished up there second plate. The photos you take while your the aunts and uncles are in the middle of a bid whist game (and you know it's money on it). The photos you take before your niece that auditioned for American Idol begins her off-key rendition of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas".

Well, I have a solution for you. Here is an easy tutorial on how to create your own photography props. Great for quick candids and super easy to make!

Each of these props are simple to make!

Step 1:
Print the FREE designs on cardstock.

Step 2:
Carefully cut out designs. An exacto knife will help with precision.

Step 3:
Tape design to a small wooden dowel. In a pitch, use a wooden skewer. (that's what I did)

Step 4: 
Enjoy and make some memories!

There you have it!

Now, let me admit...I can’t promise that these props will make your talkative toddler will sit still nor actually look at the camera but they will most definitely make your holiday party photos fun and unique!

Show me your crafty holiday pics by using the hashtag #RandomGetsFestive and join in the holiday cheer!

1. For your girl cousins that completely understand the definition of #RandomGlam!
I, Sleigh! 

2. For your goofy party attendees! Corny laughs are still count!
Oh, Snap!
3. For that cousin that knows how to turn up!
Kinda' Naughty!

4. For that Auntie that's on the Usher Board.
Kinda' Nice!

5. For your relative that already has a to-go plate stashed in the fridge before the family prayer even starts.
Santa's Cookie

6. For your thirsty girlfriend you've invited that is drooling over your IG famous Hotep cousin.
Santa's Milk

7. For the relative that's Jolly AF!
Santa's Hat

8. [Mus]Stach-ing through the snow!
Santa's Beard

9. For the Girl Boss because we all know who really runs the show!
Mrs. Claus

10. For anyone that remembers that the Random Gets Festive!
Tis The Season!

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