Event | Welcome to Wakanda - Black Panther Movie Recap

The wait is over! It’s time for my obligatory Black Panther post. You knew it was coming, right? Don’t worry, this post will not include any spoilers. Not one at all. There are moments in life with Pop culture reflects society or in this case, what society needs or is demanding. Black Panther will literally be life-changing for some and life-affirming for others.

No one questions the importance of Mary Tyler Moore and her self-titled show that premiered in 1970’s. It was ground-breaking for the women rights, women’s liberation and feminist movements of the time. A middle-aged woman was characterized as single, working and living alone. This is a big step away from the “June Cleaver” characterization of previous sitcoms.

Blerd Moment: Diahann Carroll portrayed “Julia”, (pre-Mary Tyler Moore) the first African-American female lead on primetime television. Can you imagine the pride women of color felt when Julia first premiered? 

This brings me back to the importance of Black Panther.

Here is a quick list that is a mashup of both things I was excited to see prior to the film and a few takeaways I am thoroughly delighted to continue to explore in the future.

  1. Our society is amazing as a whole. #WeLitAF
  2. Seeing a cast FULL of all the beautiful hues of brown. #RepresentationMatters
  3. Healthy intergenerational relationships are a necessity for community progress. #Transparency
  4. The wealth of a community is rooted in exalting our matriarchal members. #BlackGirlMagic
  5. The costume designer’s inspiration from traditional garments is awe inspiring. #Cosplay

Now, since those costumes were immaculate, a few words about cosplay...because that is totally what we're doing and honestly I don’t care to debate with those that take issue with it. If you are a part of the “Y'all doing too much” tribe, you can miss me with it all. Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations. #WakandaForever

We decided to make this a family affair to see black excellence on screen. #ForTheCulture

Spread the culture! I am here for it. This is a moment of fellowship. This is a moment of togetherness. And lastly, a moment of overall arts appreciation and entertainment for me and many like myself! This is a beginning from which we can learn. Neo-Afrocentricity is once again upon us. Just as it has popped up into the Black American consciousness. As a people with their pre-colonial history and culture stripped and beat from them, this moment can be an introduction. People should be celebrated for participating and totally not chastised!


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