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So let’s just be honest from the start...this is literally First Watch Review: Part 1! We didn’t try enough of the menu to call this a full-fledged review, so we’ll definitely have to return.

I’ve driven past First Watch for years now and wondered, “Hmm, what’s that place all about?

First Watch is a breakfast, brunch and lunch spot. The franchise has expanded quite a bit locally. There are now 4 locations in the Triangle area. We stopped at the Glenwood location for a spur of the moment quick bite. Let’s chat for a second...Early AM errands are the best for this stay-at-home-mom because we’re up early, get shit done and back home before lunch! Now, knowing that about me, after a recent early AM doctor visit for me (yes, #selfcare2018), for brunch with my little one Pumpkin.

The restaurant was very busy but thankfully my friend made a reservation for us. Both of our meals were quite delicious and the place was very cute.

I didn’t get a picture of the menu but I did get the kid’s menu which actually was my focus for this trip. Pumpkin did so well during my threenager attitude. Yay! Anyway, the prices are super-affordable. There is a post coming later about kid’s menus and whether they passed the kid’s test or not. First Watch totally passed Pumpkin’s palate test!  

So here’s what we ordered:

Kid’s Half Waffle $5.79
Cup of Cheese Grits $2.49

No need for hot sauce in my bag! They had Cholula on the table! Oh, and yes, I totally stole a piece of her bacon! Shhhh! She had TWO and didn't need it. That was a great portion size for older children but it's safe to say that Pumpkin did finish that Half Waffle. She didn't offer Mama not nan' nibble either!

drumroll, please...

Grand Total: $8.96 AFFORDABLE!

The decor is adorable! It’s a super-friendly environment with chalk art throughout. It’s really farmstand-y with a lot of metal touches everywhere. It as if the designer watched off one of those home design shows and someone says, “I’m going for the rustic, rehab chic yet industrial farmhouse feel with chalk lettering art!”


The service was great and from the host to the waiter, everyone was very attentive. Shoutout to Joe, you were super efficient!

If you plan to stop by, First Watch is open seven days a week from 7 am until 2:30 pm. The restaurant also offers guests complimentary newspapers and free Wi-Fi Internet access. So whether you’re analog and digital, they have you covered.

It was a great experience and a cute little morning date with my sugar lump. Although we didn’t sample much, I feel that the quality and quantity were worth every penny. I can’t wait to try those fresh-squeezed juices! I would definitely suggest First Watch for anyone looking new breakfast/brunch spot!

Til’ Next Time Fab Foodies,


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