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Unstuffed Pepper Soup

This Unstuffed Pepper Soup is a low carb twist on a Spain-inspired favorite! It is super simple soup to make. It is still totally filling without the guilt associated with comfort food!

Stuffed Peppers are not something traditional to my upbringing. Even in recent years, I believe my immediate family still hasn't tried them. I love them though. They're totally missing out by the way! (psst: family, try this recipe instead) It has always been one of my favorite quick to assemble dinners. Flipping this idea into a low-carb dinner as the super meaty soup it came to be was a simple feat. It's #NationalSoupMonth and now my focus is shifting to meals that can be prepared as a soup.

I like a really meaty UnStuffed Pepper Soup so I start with 2 pounds of meat, beef, and pork! In a large, heavy-bottomed pot, brown the beef and sausage and carefully drain as much fat off as possible. Dice the onion and peppers into bite-sized pieces to the pot. Cook until starting to the vegetables begin to soften, about 3 minutes. Add the beef bouillion/water and stir to combine. Move on to adding all of the remaining ingredients except the cauliflower rice. Reduce the heat to low and allow to simmer for 30 to 45 minutes while stirring occasionally.  

I made this Unstuffed Pepper Soup on the stove top, but it can easily be made in a slow cooker by adding (cooked and drained) beef and sausage with, tomato paste, peppers and onions together. Add your spices, broth, and canned ingredients after a few hours of cooking. Allow them to cook on low heat all day. If you omit the broth, this meal can be prepared ahead of time and frozen so when it’s time to reheat. Lastly, serve over a steamed bag of cauliflower rice and add your favorite cheese topping. I'm really enjoying that cauliflower rice is now available almost everywhere. If you're a budgeter, the lowest price I've found so far is at Aldi. If you need more ideas for keto-friendly additions to your pantry...


We opt to use a blend of mozzarella and romano. I'm so glad to have come across this blend at BJs and it is so tasty. You can, of course, pick the cheese that suits your preference. Some great options I'd like to suggest are Smoked Provolone, Parmesan, or Asiago.

Oh, are you looking for Macronutrients or Full Nutritional information to my recipes? Here's the answer to your question!

I just love soups during the colder months! Try out this flavorful, comforting and easy to make soup. You will find that it will warm you right up on a cold day and it can be made in no time at all.


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