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Random Kinda Keto Personal 30 Day Challenge 

I've spent most of 2019 really trying figure myself out (again). Asking myself tons of questions like, "What made me happy", "What's my purpose", things of that nature. I also was listening to the HIM podcast recently and the panel was asked to finish the phrase "I am content when _______". 

I realized I struggled, just as the panelists did, to answer this question. I became incensed and then inspired. #RandomKindaKeto as a personal challenge was born out of this juxtaposition of those two emotions. There are so many things in life that we can't control and I've really worked hard on re-focusing my energy directly on the areas I can affect change.

I like to think of this as "Shan's Serenity Prayer 2019" Managing my overall wellness is one area that I took pride in gaining control over. Whether it was practicing a low carb diet while in the kitchen, or making regular self-care a priority, I knew I needed to ramp things up a notch.

#MiniLifeUpdate I am going to vlog the whole process and take you with me every step of the way with update videos. Make sure you are subscribed so you can follow along and get a "behind the scenes" look as I work through this personal challenge! Maybe you'll be inspired to focus on a personal goal of your own. There is nothing like the feeling of day one on a #challenge, this one is the #RandomKindaKeto.⠀

Watch the Video Intro!

The Big Three Rules

All challenges have to be founded in rules, right? Here's my Big Three for the challenge.

1. Consistency in making good choices, resulting in better daily choices.
2. Daily low impact exercise focused on mobility and cardiovascular health.
3. Commit to a personal task and remain laser-focused on it!

If you're starting your own fitness journey, tag me #RandomKindaKeto to check in as often as you like. I would love to engage and support you as you all support me!


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