The 2nd Week Of #RandomKindaKeto challenge has been completed! During this week, I increased my food intake. Week 1 was OMAD or One Meal A Day. I took a very strict approach and noticed my hunger actually decrease. During Week 2, I decided to listen to my body carefully. Some days were OMAD but most, I would sense that my stomach was growling by 11am and I chose to eat. I did notice that the portion sizes that satisfied me we're smaller. This has been a typical response to rounds of stricter Keto adherence in the past. If I reduce my portions, my appetite decreases and as long as I'm consuming water and getting some movement in daily, my weight decreases and I feel rested.

Memorial Weekend & Week Two #RandomKindaKeto 

I am so glad that I didn’t stray too far away from my usual eating habits over the weekend ending week one! I'm glad I did not allow myself to have a 3-day "holiday" weekend from my challenge. Due to that commitment, starting Week 2 was a somewhat a breeze. My biggest opponent this week, humidity. Now, Transparency Moment, I’ve cheated 2 times during the Weekend! 😁 I ate a small serving of baked beans with my "holiday" meal and leftovers. I measured 1/4 cup of beans and it was delicious! I'm human and you are too! I did not feel like this was a cheat at the time but as I reflect on it, it was a cheat! A sugary carby treat cheat!  So here is what you do, acknowledge the mistake, forgive yourself and say, "I'll try again tomorrow!"

My plate otherwise was a keto OMAD smorgasbord. It's just something about the Summer coming and grilled meats that beacons for the sweetness of baked beans. I didn't feel bad though. I really kept my portion size in check and that is the only "real" sugar I've consumed in two weeks. Yay me (still)!

Did You Know? 

The MsNaturallyRandom brand has expanded to YouTube! Here's a quick "Day in the Life" Video and I hope #TeamFife can bring as much of a smile to your face as they do to us! Also, here are a few items I picked up on a quick Lidl grocery haul, full of low carb foods for me. Sometimes things don't go as planned but we wouldn’t change it for the world!


  1. Stay Hydrated. In the recent heat, I’ve made a habit to drink almost 75 - 100 ounces water per day. Before the challenge, some days I'd slipped back in only consuming about 32 ounces a day. #Parched
  2. Mental Tenacity is a must. There were really humid days as the 3-day holiday weekend approached and those walk/jogs were even more challenging. Push your body to your limits and try to squeeze a little more effort out every day. My average mile times and distance varied daily but each day was either quicker than the previous or I went a little further. #GreaterProgress
  3. Habitual Living Really Works. I usually workout immediately after my daughter's off to school daily. The first weekend was a mental challenge. I had to remind myself of the promises I made myself. Although accountability partners are great and moral support is appreciated, I needed to do this for myself.
  4. Optimal Rest coupled with the energy boost from a high-fat, ketofied diet has produced
What’s your experience with Keto? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Keep Pushing! 


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