Married to a Natural

Hey lovelies! 
During my hiatus, Hubby and I were on date night and captured a few pictures. The results were quite hilarious.
In each attempt my hair wanted to block my husband's shine time! My hair would just not let him be great! Lol This started me thinking...I know how transitioning to natural hair changed me but how did it affect him? Thus an impromptu interview followed... 

Shan: How did you feel when I decided to "go natural"?
Bearded Gent: I was devastated, no more like shocked. I was used to playing in your [straight] hair. I just knew I wasn't going to like it even before seeing it. I felt this way because I was used to your relaxed look for two years. 

S: When did your opinion change?
BG: When I realized I didn't fall in love with you for your hair. Also, once you became comfortable with it and more versatile with styles, I loved it. I actually love your hair more so natural than when relaxed.

S: Did you express your initial dislike?
BG: No. I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I don't think your were confident with being natural & I didn't want to knock you while you were down.

S: How do you feel about "internet beefs" between #teamnatural vs. #teamrelaxed?
BG: Its a pointless debate. It's up to the individual on how they keep up their hair. At the end of the day, if your hair is healthy, trimmed and moisturized, both teams win and can exist mutually. The one thing I will say is ladies please WAIT! Stop relaxing these babies hair. They aren't old enough to care for it properly and they too young to consent to having harsh chemicals applied to their bodies. That's a mature decision. So let your daughters mature a little before discussing relaxers. Either way, regardless if your natural or relaxed, you still need to maintain your hair. Regular maintenance is a MUST! Other than that, rock your doux! 

S: Has my #naturallife benefited you since I started wearing my hair "natural"?
BG: I get FREE products to put in my beard. Yes, dudes listen to wife's "kitchen mixes" work, have your beard feeling like goose feathers! lol

Really, "goose feathers"...aaaaand on that note...after a huge exhale of laughter....concludes the interview of "The Bearded Gent" aka My Hubby!

For more shenanigans, follow his blog: The Bearded Gent

Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Naturally Random


  1. Replies
    1. I want to try some of those mixes and I love the blog, you two were made for each other. Great sense of humor and togetherness..

    2. Hey gimme a break brother...I'm carrying you another niece or nephew over here, and I have pregnancy brain (meaning I'm forgetful) LOL pipe down...just kidding. I'm still trying to figure out a way to ship it without ruining it. You'll get it. For now....put some conditioner (just regular ol' V05 or whatever Diana has) in it while in the shower. Comb thru when wet to detangle it...let it sit a few minutes then rinse out. That should help in the meantime while I work on packaging.

  2. Goose feathers? Really? Happy Birthday Sir.

    I will say, though, her kitchen mixes are addictive. I'm not running low or anything, but I could always use more Curly Creamy It works! I'll put it like this: Before I used Ms.NR's kitchen mixes it sounded like someone was biting an apple every time a comb would go through tresses. Now, it doesn't make a sound at all! Thanks Kitchen Mixes!

    1. *tips hat in your direction* Thank you...thank you...*bows and walks gingerly off stage*

  3. This made me laugh! You guys are silly! But Anyways Shan! I do love your natural patterns and the fluffiness(is that a word) My question for you is do you miss your non-natural hair? I tried the natural thing for about six months and then well I can't deal with my natural waves. How do you deal with your natural waves and maintain the wildness.

    1. Natural styling can be difficult when you are not used to dealing with your own natural texture. If you are even interested in trying it again. Hit me up and I'll suggest a few useful Youtube videos that helped me along the way.

  4. Great read! You two are hilarious!

  5. I can't believe i didn't reply! Yes, some days I do then I remember, natural hair is versatile!" And I go get a blowout! lol

  6. Thanks for the endorsement! I'm sure you're looking forward to the next and the new baby will have some!


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