Recipe | Sugar or Salt? The End of the Grits Debate

All this talk on social media about grits got me authentically hungry! The debate of whether you take your grits with sugar or salt has a lot of people learning they don't know their friends as well as they thought. Well today, I'm ending the debate! 
Now, normally, I go for something like shrimp and grits, however, we're on a budget right now and this week was not a seafood kinda' week! (Keepin' it 100) lol So I had to change it up a little bit! Let's do a recipe that is savory and sweet (kinda') together! 

What You'll Need:
1 package of sweet italian sausage
About 10 Mini sweet peppers
1 medium size onion
2 teaspoons of diced garlic
1 cup of grits (I used quick cooking grits)
14 oz chicken broth
1 cup milk  
1/2 cup parm or 1/4 cup 
2 tablespoons of butter (divided)
Salt and Pepper to taste *see note about salt under preparation 

Serves: 4 


  • Deseed peppers and cut in strips lengthwise. Cut onion into strips as well. Set peppers and onions aside.

  • Heat a deep skillet to medium heat. Add sausage. 

Tip: Remove casings from sausage and dice into bite size pieces. 

  • Once sausage is browned, set aside. 
  • Add 1 tablespoon of butter to skillet.
  • Melt butter, then add the sweet peppers and onions. 
  • Once softened, lower heat, add diced garlic and stir to incorporate. 

  • Add sausage to vegetable mixture, cover with lid and remove from heat.

For Grits: 
Feel free to follow the package instructions if you like and stir in parmesan once you've reached your desired consistency. Though, I've made some adjustments. 

Instead of using water, I opted to use chicken broth and milk. When making savory grits this combination will give you some flavor before adding seasonings and the result is creamier! 

  • Boil chicken broth and milk in a small pan over medium heat. 
  • Once liquid is to a rolling boil, add grits and vigorously stir. 
  • As grits begin thicken, add the remaining butter.
  • Incorporate parmesan slowly and stir. 
  • Taste as you go along. I prefer the entire 1/2 cup but 1/4 may be enough for you. 
  • Once, cheese is incorporated, add salt* and pepper to taste. 

*Note about salt: add to taste but be careful (parmesan is salty nutty flavored cheese) so make sure to add your salt after adding parmesan.

We're into the end stretch of this quick and tasty meal, it's time to plate! 

Grab your favorite bowl and add a heaping spoon of parme-y cheesy goodness, then top with a mountain of sausage and "sweet" peppers! There you have it, a savory and "kinda" sweet dish!  

It should look something like this...


Ha! Thanks for reading! 

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Talk to you later lovelies,

~Shan, Ms. Naturally Random


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