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Recently my family decided to enter the dazzling world of Disney magic! We're newbies in regards to Disney On Ice and jumped on the chance to attend Disney on Ice presents Worlds Of Enchantment. We just couldn't pass up the opportunity when the show made a stop in Richmond, Virginia!

#MiniRandom was so excited. We decided not to tell her where we were going until we were in the car and headed off on our adventure. This evening was full of family fun (accompanied by a few moments of preschooler irrational angst). Worlds of Enchantment features some of Disney's classic and contemporary characters. They introduce four stories including an undersea extravaganza from the Little Mermaid, also Lighting McQueen's fast car antics from the Cars films, and the wintry magical world of the two sisters from Frozen!

I think I was most excited to see Buzz and Woody from Toy Story films. Did you know this enduring story of friendship, learning to believe in yourself, and teamwork will be revisited for the 4th time next year? It is slated to be released June 2019! I can't wait. "To Infinity and Beyond"

Here's a trailer:

This was my first time visiting the Richmond Coliseum and we had a great view of the arena. Prior to the main attraction, there is a brief pre-show featuring a Mickey’s Dance-Along.

The main production started with Toy Story and followed closely with the storyline of Toy Story 3. Andy's all grown up and headed to college. The team of toys finds itself donated to a daycare and the hijinks ensue.

The Little Mermaid definitely transported you Under the Sea. The show opened with a musical number by Sebastian, the Caribbeanesque crustacean. It was beautifully done. I loved that I got to see my absolute favorite villain, Ursula The Sea Witch. Her costume was voluptuous and I loved it.

Up next was Cars with a quick set. It featured all of the main cast including Lightning McQueen and Mater. As you can imagine there were no triple axel flips done by the cars.

The show closed with a very theatrical re-telling of Frozen. Anna, Elsa, and Olaf all had their gigantic musical numbers including the song that just wouldn't go away in 2013, Let It Go! Oddly enough, over time,  I've really grown to love that song. I guess an act of true love really can melt a frozen heart.

Overall, the World of Enchantment production lasts around two hours. There is a 30-minute intermission break in the middle, just in case the little people accompanying you need to get the wiggles out or a potty break. Right before intermission, the smells of buttery popcorn were getting to the kid and she finally asked some. Honestly, I was set on not purchasing anything but a souvenir during this family outing. This was going to be a, "no, we got food at home!" type of trip. Yet, Hubby scurried off and quickly returned without popcorn. He had her other favorite, a personal pan pizza, and a trough-sized drink. I'm still living the #KetoLife so I let them partake in their treats alone. I don't have any tips on how much money to bring with you. Just know a lot of the merchandise available ranged from $8 - $30. I'm almost sure there were items that exceeded $30 but those weren't coming to our luxe-for-less home. #TrueStory.

This was our first time attending a Disney on Ice show, so I wanted to make sure we were prepared. Here are a few tips if you decide to visit the Worlds of Enchantment!

Get There Early 

We had two options for parking, a $5 lot with only one pay station and a line stretched the length of the lot. The second option was a  covered parking deck for $10 (cash only). We opted to pull into the deck. Yes, we spent an extra $5 but it was worth it. We would have ended up being late for the show standing in the line to pay for parking. Once inside, the restrooms lines were long as well. Luckily, one trick I've learned is to mandate a potty stop at the last minute before we live the house. We very rarely have to ever use public restrooms.

What to Wear? 

Per Disney On Ice website, it is mentioned that the arena is 10+ degrees cooler than it is outside. Short story: Dress Warmly! After the 30 minute intermission, I did get a little chilly.

Our little one loves for the whole family to dress up when the occasion presents itself. #OnlyChild We love to join in as well. Here we are recently at Squirreloween, a local Halloween celebration hosted by Richmond's Flying Squirrels (Richmond's Minor League Baseball team).

In researching Disney on Ice, I did discover that costumes worn by guests older than 14 years of age are not permitted. So let's leave the dress-up to the kiddos this time around.

Also, it's great to have mom friends because I picked up another great tip from mommy & blogger friend SobeSavvy! She says "Make sure you get there early to have some time to walk through the concourse and browse some of the novelty stands. There is plenty of awesome Disney merchandise to choose from!"

Of course, you know we did just that. The little one doesn't know it but she's not unwrapping a little something extra we picked up until Christmas morning! Here is a Youtube vlog capturing our first adventure into the magic of Disney while attending Disney On Ice: Worlds of Enchantment!

If you're looking for a casual, family-friendly environment then check out Disney on Ice while it's touring. We were lucky enough to attend the last day in Richmond but you can find the full schedule and tickets here. Disney On Ice’s Worlds of Enchantment was truly dazzling throughout, and we definitely plan to see it again.


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